One of the world's biggest tournaments held from 30 August 6 September in Korea

Strongest hapsagaisty Yakutia Evgeny Alekseev and Uvar Timofeev were among the winners of the international martial arts festival of the Korean national struggle ssireum.

Absolute champions Yakutia hapsagayu Evgeny Alekseev and Uvar Timofeyev returned to the Republic with another medal for a new sport for yourself. They experienced themselves in the fight ssireum. Alekseev made in the category of up to 130 kg, Timofeev and absolute weight.

«By the will of the lot with Uvarov were free from one of the fights. Then chalked up one victory and defeat, eventually, won bronze award. Ssireum totally different from our hapsagay. You need to immediately grab the opponent by the belt, and one of the difficulties was that, that the struggle was on the sand, required to topple an opponent, but it is very difficult», - Evgeny Alekseev told YSIA.

Both are titled athlete master of sports in freestyle wrestling, khapsagayu. In March this year they have won the Cup of Russia on Sumo, and now the winners of the struggle of the Korean ssireum.

The festival was attended by about 2500 Athletes from around the world. She played medals in belt wrestling, taekwondo, aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, muai tayu, Sambo, martial arts and other forms of martial arts.


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