Kettlebell sport in our country need support

As known, with 19 by 22 September, Tomsk held Cup of Russia in kettlebell lifting. almost every year take part in these competitions athletes from our country, and the present is no exception. Despite, that the delegation was small - 1 trainer, 5 athletes, they showed a good result and won three medals at five, According to them RTSNVS. AT. Mançaarı.

About tom, How to prepare for the competition, and what obstacles were in the way to the medals, we told the head coach of the national team of RS(I) Basil Dyachkovsky and bronze medalist Russia-2019 Cup, MSIC Michael Savvinov:

– How was the Russian Cup for the national team of our country? Are you happy with the result, who have shown your athletes?

Basil Dyachkovsky: Let's start off with, that the current Cup was held in the g. Tomsk, Tomsk region - this region has traditionally been a leader in kettlebell sport in our country. And because the organizers of the very serious approach to his work and had a very good high-level competition. One of the nice new features can be noted lighting effects, which gave a positive drive and surrounding. It is gratifying to see such innovations, who work for the good of our sport.

As for the performances of our athletes, we can say that they fell short of my expectations. we, everytime, when we participated in the Cup of Russia, always returned with medals. And I am very glad that this tradition, we have not broken this year. Yes, two of our not included in the top three winners, but for them it is forgivable, as they were at this level for the first time and see burned out or have not recovered after the flight. For them it will be a lesson, they are still ahead.

Very happy for Vladimir Olenova, which has brought our team first, in the history of kettlebell lifting Republic, gold medal of the Russian Cup. His results on the subject "push long cycle" turned out very good, and with the result we may well claim to be something else more. I'm sure, it is for him not the limit.

Ruslan Luginov also showed excellent results in his weight class. He could compete for a gold medal, but the judges did not count with him a few shocks. I myself saw several breaches in its attempt to, but they were not so much, it seems to me. We did not challenge the decision of the judges. More work on their mistakes and next time he will speak more confidently.

And in the category of up to 85 kg confident bronze medal was won by our "international affairs" Michael Savvinov. In this weight, in addition to the large number of participants, very high competition among athletes. And because the, Misha got into the top three winners, It can be considered a success. He as always laid out to the end and gave all of himself for the opportunity to be among the medalists.

– And you Michael, how to evaluate your performance?

Michael Savvinov: As already said, our coach, I have to give everything one hundred percent. I start preparing for this all summer, despite his busy schedule. As a result, finally fulfilled a personal record in the clean and jerk and won a prize, which of course makes me happy. After all, before I stayed twice on the verge of coveted medals.

In my weight was a lot of strong guys, most of which I have repeatedly met in various competitions. And the fact, that children progress from year to year, motivates me to train even harder.

What are the goals and objectives you set in these competitions?

AT. Di.: These competitions are one of the largest in terms of our calendar and the significance of, in our country, second only to the Russian Championship. One of the most important features of the cup is, that the results of these competitions takes place in the fitting of the Russian national team, which in November will fly to Serbia for the World Cup. We aimed to get to the list of candidates, since last June Russian Championship, where the main selection for the world championship, we were unable to get there due to financial problems.

Also, it turned out, that the second and third numbers in the weight category of Vladimir Olenova were suspended from competition for doping. So there is a possibility, that he can get into the number of those, who will represent our country at the world championship. Let us hope and wait for positive news.

– If earlier there were problems with the organization of departure, how they have been resolved in this time?

AT. Di.: to be honest, then the Cup and we could not go. Information on our departure cleared only for a few days, with the result that could also affect the results of our. Because guys take off weight, train and extra hassle on them may negatively affect. If we, at least for a month already purchased tickets and have solved all these organizational issues, it would quietly held a preparatory process. I hope, that there will be no such unpleasant moments in the future.

M. WITH. : I would also like to draw attention to this issue. It is very difficult to prepare for the start in such conditions, when none is specified. Us, in this plan, must necessarily support.

– What are your plans for the future? Is there this year even starts?

AT. Di.: This year, in December, will be held the World Cup in Australia, that we expected to take part, but probably still will not be able to fly for several reasons. But despite this, us, as well as last year, given the right to represent Russia at the Asian Championship, which will be held in the Indian city of New Delhi. By date to coincide with the World Cup, so that team leaders still will fly it there, and in turn we can seize the opportunity to speak at such a major event. These competitions will be held at the end of October and if we have time to find a sponsor and we will solve the financial issues will fly.

– We hope, problems that you will not have in the future and you will continue to represent our country and the country at various competitions. Good luck to you!


Sandal Nikanorova