Ssireum and hapsagay in collegiate sports

Churapchinsky Institute of Physical Education and Sports has signed an agreement on exchange of students in the preparation of athletes and coaches and hapsagayu ssireum. The document was signed at the International Festival of Martial Arts.

WITH 30 August 6 September Korea held an international festival of martial arts with the participation of 45 States and around 2500 athletes in various types of martial arts. Medals were played in Tae Kwon Do, aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, muai taye, Sambo, similarly, Korean national struggle ssireum and other sports. The delegation of Yakutia took part in a program to combat ssireum competition and signed a number of agreements on the development of the national martial arts with the Korean side.

Rector Churapchinsky Institute of Physical Culture and Sports Innocent Gotovtsev, head of delegation, He noted, that cooperation with universities of Korea began with last year, when an agreement was signed on the exchange of students with one of the universities in Seoul for training coaches and athletes on National Wrestling ssireum and Yakut hapsagayu.

«We took part in the international martial arts festival at the invitation of the National Federation of struggle ssireum. Heads of organizations interested in Yakutia experience in the development and promotion of the national struggle in the country hapsagay, Russian and international arena. They expressed their willingness to cooperate on the exchange of students of educational institutions for the development of our forms of struggle. Besides, we took part in the conference dedicated to the organization of the struggle of the international federation ssireum. Already in Korea in November this year, the absolute championship of the Korean national struggle to be organized, which will host the inaugural committee, and elected leaders of an international organization.

We hope, that this cooperation will be long-term and will contribute to the development of our national martial arts. Among other things,, our Korean colleagues have expressed their willingness to invite young athletes and students from Yakutia to prepare anti ssireum, and enter the Yakut sports - wrestling and weight-hapsagay in Korean schools».

The sports program of the international festival was attended by two well-known Yakut fighter - Uvar Timofeev Evgeny Alekseev. Athletes were among the winners of the Korean national struggle ssireum. Evgeny Alekseev won the bronze medal in the category up 130 kg, and Uvar Timofeev also came third in the category of over 130 kg. In the fight for the medals came representatives 12 States - South Korea, China, USA, France, Spain, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, ghanaian, India and Russia.


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