14 September in Mamonovo Kaliningrad region held a sports town festival, devoted to the opening of a new playground at the central stadium. This event coincided with the holding of open youth tournament Mamonovskiy urban district of mas-wrestling.

Residents Mamonovo not just love sports, they live it. That is why the sports festival was a success: demonstration performances of athletes of different sports, mini concert of dance groups, fitness workout, football match, Activity on the site street workout ... It, the whole city was gathered together at the stadium.

But still the center of attention were competition mas-wrestling. A new sport has caused huge interest, and not in vain. All participants performed recklessly fights, and the audience their active support. There were also the joy of victory, and the bitterness of defeat, but no one indifferent. All awards found their winners and, Each participant was presented with a gift, and all the girls received prizes from our Regional Office VFMR.

Active support and assistance in carrying out this activity has had a Head of Administration of the municipality "Mamonovo city district" Andrey Semikov. Thank you very much!

Also for the quality of the organization and conduct of the tournament thank the Chief Judge of the competition, Director MBU To "Coach g. Mamonovon Artyom Tavastsherna.

Thank you for helping Gutenberg printing house and its leadership.

We thank all those who helped us: Vladimir Okoomova for the support and promotion, Novel Atnonenkova for photo and video, Alexander Pavlov of the skillful hands, Mary Filimonov for care, Daria Laktionova and Anna Larionov for "our everything", Сергея и Анастасию Тихоновых за неравнодушие и ответственное отношение, Tatiana Arestovich for skilled and high-quality refereeing, All athletes and coaches who participated, parents of athletes, viewers.

Региональное отделение Всероссийской федерации мас-рестлинга в Клининградской области продолжает свою работу. moving on.


Author: Алексей Май.