The football team medals of different denominations

In Tomsk, Russia ended in Cup competitions on kettlebell lifting. During two days, with 19 by 21 September, at the Palace of Shows and Sports, strongest athletes from more than twenty areas, republics and regions figured out the best of the best.

our republic, under the guidance of a coach, "he RTSNVS. AT. Manchaary "Basil deacon, presented five athletes - Vladimir Olenov (to 68 kg), Ruslan Luginov (to 68 kg), Ivan Zherdev (to 85 kg), Michael Savvinov (to 85 kg) and Konstantin Abramov (over 85 kg).

On the first day of competition on the platform was released only one representative of our country, and immediately brought a gold medal to the team. Vladimir Olenov acted discipline "push long cycle". At a body weight 67,95 kg, he managed to make 65 ups and thus ahead of his nearest rival on the 12 aftershocks.

The second day and get rich on the result, but this time without a medal with gold shimmer. So, Ruslan Luginov won the silver medal, losing athlete from Tomsk, and our only "international affairs" in these competitions Mikhail Savvinov managed to win bronze. Both athletes perform in the "double event" discipline.

Eventually, first place in the team event won the team of the Tomsk region, On the second place athletes from St. Petersburg, the third - the weightlifter from Omsk region.


Sandal Nikanorova,

A photo: Veronica Bielecki