About tom, where and how it happened I told the sportsman

Three-time world champion, five-time Russian champion Pavel Chernogradsky ended at Vladivostok International Tournament mas-wrestling "Colmar Cup" in the final with a score of 1:2 Azat conceded Tashtanbekov from Kyrgyzstan. However, the next day Yakut madyny managed to take a convincing revenge.

"Within the framework of the World Economic Forum in Vladivostok extensive sports program, the next day after the tournament mas-wrestling team all-around event was organized. The program of events includes species mostly traditional Yakut sports. The participants of mass-wrestling, divided into two "Fighting" and "Muraz" team tested their abilities in five types: System-egos (Yakut pinwheel), by weight of VA-, jumping "kuobah" and a kind of relay race. But instead of the usual sticks participants passed each other heavy bags weighing 100 kg ", – Paul told Chernogradsky.

– And which team eventually won the competition complex?

– Team "Fighting", for which I was. We won in all five events programs. by the way, in mass-wrestling me again caught my friend and rival Azat Tashtanbekov, which conceded on the eve of the "Cup of Colmar". This time I took revenge with a score of 2:0.

– explain, What happened in the final of the tournament, "Colmar", both missed the victory?     

– Firstly I will say, that Azat Tashtanbekov incredibly strong athlete. On the platform of various international competitions we had crossed many times, including in the final of the last World Cup in Yakutsk. In all the fights I have won a victory. But this time he lost in Vladivostok score 1:2. maybe, impact fatigue, and I could not fully recover after three heavy clashes. All opponents to the finals were very strong. In the semifinals,, eg, Jahangir won Azerbaijani Yagubova score 2:1. Therefore, the golden battle was not so fresh.

– How did the team competition, whether participants liked, strongest representatives of different countries, our sports?

– The competitions were held in a friendly atmosphere More. But in general,, of course, liked. But the harder the participants had, of course, in the Yakut turntable and jumping "kuobah" (smiles). In tutum ergiir I, eg, He made eight rotations, Tashtanbekov - four times.

– Paul, after the third victory at the World Cup you are admitted, what is possible, to complete a career on the big platform. But today, quite successfully performed in Vladivostok. What's next?

– to be honest, I now find myself in thought, big plans, too, do not build. but you, this is a defeat in the final I was somewhat hurt… And it is very possible, it will encourage more than one sports season…

– Good luck Paul!


A source: sportyakutia.ru