In the final he defeated three-time world champion Paul Chernogradskogo

Welcomed the participants of the tournament:

Akimov Alexander K. - Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on the federal structure, regional policy, Local Government and Northern Affairs, President of the International Federation of mass-wrestling;

Tsivilev Sergey E. - The governor of the Kemerovo region;

Tsivilova Anna E. - Chairman of the "Colmar" the Group Board of Directors of the companies;

Artem Levin A. - Director General of the coal-mining company "Colmar";

Kim-Kimen Alexander – The Speaker of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 1-First Vice-President of the International Federation of mass-wrestling;

Glushko Dmitry E. – President of the International Committee of the Games "Children of Asia".

Nikolaev Mikhail Yefimovich – the first president of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia);

Odd Erling Hogen - Vice-President of the International Federation of mass-wrestling, Seoedinennye States;

Innocent Y. Grigoriev – Minister of Physical Culture and Sports RS(I).

Competitions were held with great fervor. It seemed scarlet banner with huge screen gave fervor. On the platform in front of it was hot, however as among numerous public. All stood with phones, not dropping his hands before the completion of all matches.

The guys arrived as the selection, in excellent shape, with relief muscles. Experience from previous tournaments showed, that, given the characteristics of the terrain and the conditions of residence on the island of Russian is better to invite athletes lighter weight. Heavyweight difficult to quickly cross large distances from the place of accommodation to the competition venue. Some are sometimes stuck in time in the folds of the terrain, which entailed some unwanted effects. The decision to invite a mobile, ready to fulfill all the tasks set by the International Federation, It proved absolutely true. Possible future amendment. To the participants had a small difference in weight and were all around on 100 kg each.

Though the athletes arrived from different parts of the world, and some saw each other for the first time, sports fraternity atmosphere quickly made friends of all. Eliminated from the competitive racing provided strong support for the, who fought on. The results of the following:

  1. Azat Tashtanbekov (Kyrgyzstan)
  2. Paul Chernogradsky (Russia)
  3. Vyacheslav Teslyuk (Ukraine)
  4. Tamas Deli (Hungary)
  5. Vyacheslav Starkov (Kazakhstan)
  6. Jahangir Yagubov (Azerbaijan)
  7. Lee David Martin (USA)
  8. Attila Kitanovich (Slovakia)
  9. Adam Jaroslav Zhuhovskyy (Poland)
  10. Michael Hermann Manhart (Germany)
  11. Stephen Bruce Byernyell (New Zealand)
  12. Mizuki Toyota (Japan)
  13. Ilyas Kadyrov (Uzbekistan)
  14. Colin David Webb (Australia)
  15. Yungdzhun Li (Korea)


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