Author of pictures - Lena Tomsk. Lives and works in Moscow. Works quite far from the field of art - develops national sport "mas-wrestling" in Russia and abroad.

It Lena Tomsk has peddled for mass-wrestling. Now nobody will be surprised by the fact, Yakut that sport is included in the official program of the sport festival Arnold Schwarzenegger on three continents, and homeland festival in the US this year was already the sixth time.

These days, ended on an international weight-wrestling tournament as part of the sports program of the Eastern Economic Forum, where mas-wrestling was presented in all its glory. To participate in the tournament "Cup" Colmar "coal mining companies have been invited to the strongest weight-wrestlers Australia, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Germany, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, new Zealand, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, United States of America, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Japan, in the middle weight - about 100 kg. Mobile, physical well-folded, strong guys could not cause the admiration of the forum participants. Work on the organization of the tournament on behalf of the federation leadership led again our tireless countrywoman.

Over the years in this fairly heavy field Lena Tomsk learned to easily manage a large number of strong men with different characters. Excellent communication skills, friendly character and fluency in the English language allow it to quickly find a common language with athletes from around the world.

Through active promotion of the native sport she has many friends around the world. But few people know, that Lena Tomsk have a secret passion, that it is in the evening, "change" mas-wrestling ... - with painting.

I started painting two years ago. The desire to paint came suddenly and seize it completely. With age came the realization, that you can not leave much for later. After all, it may simply not be. And boldly strode to the store with the paints and canvases.

Beginning with copies of pictures on the Internet, and later became the "express". He speaks, He is still looking for himself, its unique style. Creativity gives her the freedom and confidence in the future. She certainly retired she would not have to miss. Because the "omnivorous" in his new hobby - writing a lot of the mood and nature, and animals, and portraits.

His work usually gives good and faithful friends, as well as winners of competitions Challenge. Several paintings by amateur artist acquired private collectors. recognized, it does not write the picture to order. Almost all the works are written with a palette knife.


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