Sports complex "Modugno"

invites all residents and visitors to the Open Day!

On this day, everyone will be able to buy themselves tickets to attend the gym at a discount, visit our exercise and game rooms for free, as well as seek advice from highly qualified experts and ask them your questions about training.


It will be conducted on a set of sports clubs in national sports:

  • Fighting hapsagay,
  • Mas-Wrestling,
  • Yakut jumps,
  • North-around,
  • National board games.

You will be able to see our training process, familiarize yourself with the success of our students and if satisfied, then enroll your child on his favorite sports section and you.

ATTENTION, Set of children per section will be from 09:00 no. TO 14:00 no.

be in time, space is limited!

*If you have a team and want to play volleyball and basketball, then go ahead and sign up for our administrators.


Phone for information: 8 (4112) 34-12-04