On Tuesday, in Yakutsk, the first meeting of the subcommittee on sports Association of regional administrations of Northeast Asia (ARASSVA)

Yakutia, who heads the subcommittee, I invite the members of the association to establish a national sports festival and hold it every year. The first proposed for Japan 2020 year.

As recalled by the First Deputy Minister of Sports of Yakutia Semen Cherdonov, at 2009 Yakutia was visited by members of the secretariat NEAR, where they were asked to lead the region of one of the subcommittees. Four years later,, m in 2013, Republic took the initiative to establish a subcommittee sports.

«subcommittee work concept is based on the development of youth sport, in the promotion of national sports and promotion of healthy lifestyles. And now came the moment of opening of the first meeting of our subcommittee. We propose and discuss issues of cooperation in the field of promotion of traditional sports among member regions NEAR, as well as put forward in the discussion of the plan of sporting events over the next six years», - said Cherdonov.

The main event will be a festival of national and traditional sports. The first time it is proposed to hold next year in Japan. Director of the Republican Center of national sports they. AT. Manchaary Gavril emphasized Mokhnachevskaya, that the festival should involve all regions of the member associations and to represent each sport should be professional athletes.

He urged the participants to agree on the place and timing of future events. So, second festival proposed for 2021 in the Republic of Korea, third - in 2022-m in Mongolia, fourth - in 2023-m in the DPRK, the fifth - in the 2024-m Russia, in Yakutia and the sixth - in 2025 in the PRC.

One of those people, who was behind the creation of specialized subcommittee NEAR, It is the newly appointed deputy permanent representative of Yakutia in the Far Eastern Federal District Valery Protopopov. AT 2008-2009 gg. he worked in the secretariat of the association and had already held talks with colleagues to establish a subcommittee on sport. At today's meeting, he supported the proposal to align the timing of future sports festivals: «After the receiving region imposed certain conditions on the provision and organization of the festival».

The Association was established to support cooperation between the regions of North-East Asia - Russia, Japan, China, South Korea, KNDR, Mongolia. To date are NEAR members 77 regional administrations, including 16 from Russia. Within the organization there are 14 subcommittees.


A source: ysia.ru

A photo: Sandal Nikanorova