The prize fund will be 600 000 rubles

16 August Churapcha the arena Alaas Ma5aayy planned on the national all-around tournament "Kyydaala oonnuulara". The competitions of the strongest all-rounders ulus will be timed to the anniversary date - the 65th anniversary of the former head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and now the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly member Yegor Borisov Afanasevicha. The total prize fund of the tournament will be 600 000 rubles, which will be shared between the winner (300 SNSC), second runner-up (200 SNSC) and bronze medalist (100 SNSC) competition. Notably, that position in the competition may participate only natives Churapchinsky District or athletes, living and working in the area.

"As of the date the application for participation in the tournament filed 14 athletes, – told "Sport of Yakutia" Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Ivan ulus Okoneshnikov. - Among the participants there are both titled, and promising athletes of our ulus. Competition, certainly, decorate his performance the winners and participants of the Games Dygyna Peter Starostin (Odiuluun), Paul Druzyanov (Silas) and Alexei Protodyakonov (Çıappara). For the win and the prizes may well fight and the champion of Russia on mas-wrestling Nurgun Pestryakov (Bahsı), who also is also the winner of the junior all-around competition at the Games Manchaary 2013 of the year. The arena will also see MMA fighter Gregory Barashkova (Çurapça), who is known for his performances in hapsagae, boxing and other sports. Try your hand and brothers Pugachev Andrey and Georgy, profile sport which is weight-wrestling. Volynik fighter and hapsagaist, prizewinner of the republic championships Semen Ammosov traditionally perform at the all-round competition. Danil Nikolaev He is the winner of Myryla Manchaary Games all-around and an experienced member of "To5us Tomtor oonnuulara", held annually in Churapcha, as well, and how Stanislav Androsov Citizens woods. He is a graduate of the club "Bootur" and coached by Ivan Belolyubskaya. Interesting will be access to the sports arena and a veteran of our famous athlete Athanasius Sivtseva. 40-old athlete, by the way, He boxed in the final part of the Games of the peoples of Yakutia in Amga. Three other participants, Plato Vasiliev (Strother), Peter Lukovtsev (Hopto5o), Ivan Ivanov (LETTER OF), not so well-known in wider circles athletes, but let's hope, this tournament, possibly, will reveal new names among the all-rounders Churapchinsky District ", – said Ivan Okoneshnikov.

Our interlocutor also added, that the bid campaign of the tournament "Kydaala onnuulara-2019" is not yet complete. Daily management FCIC ulus receive calls from potential participants. Deadline for application to the tournament 15 August - the day before the start of the competition.

Recall, that the program of the tournament on the national all-around five sports: fight hapsagay, sıar5a sohuuta (60 m), Ergin memory (Yakut pinwheel), berebineni yraakhkha ildiii (timber carrying), Miastr ekkiretiite (jogging 400 m).


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