In Uzbekistan, the next stage of World Cup mas-wrestling - Open Asian Championship mas-wrestling.

According to the results of the competition, which took place 16-18 of August in the city of Almalyk, athletes of the two teams of the Russian team won eight gold, six silver and seven bronze medals.

On Wednesday in Yakutsk organizers and participants of the World Cup held a press conference. All in all competitions attended 103 athlete from 13 countries - the strongest athletes come from Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Pakistan, Russia, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Finland. The second phase was also held international youth tournament, which were made 28 athletes from Azerbaijan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia. The tournament was dedicated to the upcoming VII ISG "Children of Asia", which will be held from 15 by 29 August 2020 year in Mongolia.

Russian team at this stage was represented by two teams and, thereby, in each weight category had two representatives - 24 athlete. In the overall medal standings Russian team confidently took the first place, on the second line are located athletes from Kyrgyzstan, won 13 medals, including two gold-esteem, and in third place were European teams from Finland and Slovakia, which flashed the winning World Cup Annina Vaaranmaa and Jan Vaskovo.

Russia coach Nikolay Konstantinov noted the excellent organization of the tournament and stressed, that with each new international tournament raises skill-weight wrestlers from around the world. Especially strong team appeared Kyrgyzstan, where the Yakut national sport is maintained at the state level and set a good job on the preparation of high-class athletes.

"If the small weight classes, that men, that women Yakut school mas-wrestling remains elusive, in large scale competition is getting higher. Including added with athletes from different regions of the country each year. In principle, it was expected, so now our coaches should make every effort to ensure, to grow strong competitors for the Russian team ", – Mykola Ellyaevich.

Owners of gold medals of the World Cup II in the composition of the Russian team became Vasily Androsov (60 kg), Sergey Konstantinov (70 kg), Aisen Atastyrov (80 kg), Roman Iskander (90 kg), Roman Kalinin (125 kg), Victor Kolibabchuk (over 125 kg), Natalia Chernogradskaya (55 kg) and Catherine Belolyubskaya (65 kg).

The third final stage will be held in November in Poland.

Champions and prize-winners of II stage of the World Cup mas-wrestling

August 15-19, 2019, Olmaliq, Uzbekistan

men, 60 kg

  1. Vasily Androsov (Russia)
  2. tactic was Tariel (Kyrgyzstan)
  3. Azamat Asanov (Kyrgyzstan), Son Osmonbek Anarbai (Kyrgyzstan)

men, 70 kg

  1. Sergey Konstantinov (Russia)
  2. Alimov Ḵhudāi (Kyrgyzstan)
  3. Khushtov Anzor (Russia), Oleksiy Kushnir (Ukraine)

men, 80 kg

  1. Atastyrov Aisen (Russia)
  2. -said Mr. Ramadan (Kyrgyzstan)
  3. Pikonin Eugene (Russia), Son Çunubek Ruslanbek (Kyrgyzstan)

men, 90 kg

  1. Iskander Roman (Russia)
  2. Kadyrov Ilyas (Uzbekistan)
  3. Fedorov Innocent (Russia), Musuraliev Emile (Kyrgyzstan)

men, 105 kg

  1. Son Ataybek Keldibek (Kyrgyzstan)
  2. Yuri Protopopov (Russia)
  3. blind Denis (Russia), Sergey Trofimenko (Uzbekistan)

men, 125 kg

  1. Roman Kalinin (Russia)
  2. Bappagai Energy (Russia)
  3. Radjabov Nasimzhon (Uzbekistan), voce Rinad (Kyrgyzstan)

men, +125 kg

  1. Kolibabchuk Victor (Russia)
  2. Markin Andrey (Russia)
  3. Tarek Chteйbi (Bulgaria), Euniev Jamal (Azerbaijan)

Women, 55 kg

  1. Chernogradskaya Natalia (Russia)
  2. Tillaboeva Robiyahon (Uzbekistan)
  3. Kamzina Ruşanija (Uzbekistan), Anastasia Plotnikova (Russia)

Women, 65 kg

  1. Belolyubskaya Catherine (Russia)
  2. Kuroedov Victoria (Russia)
  3. Malyshev Regina (Uzbekistan), Şaylobekova Ayjerim (Kyrgyzstan)

Women, 75 kg

  1. It wax (Slovakia)
  2. Olesya Hureeva (Uzbekistan)
  3. Sukach Olga (Ukraine), Alina Alexeeva (Russia)
  4. Women, 85 kg
  5. Anarbekova Aizhan (Kyrgyzstan)
  6. Aʙduzojirova Moxinur (Russia)
  7. Elieva Madina (Uzbekistan), Maylibasheva Nazi (Kyrgyzstan)

Women, +85 kg

  1. Annie Vaaranmaa (Finland)
  2. Svetlana Tikhonova (Russia)
  3. Ruban Marina (Russia), Raxmonova Dildora (Kyrgyzstan)


Unofficial medal result 2 World Cup of mas-wrestling

A place country Total medals Gold Silver Bronze
1. Russia 21 8 6 7
2. Kyrgyzstan 13 2 3 8
3-4. Slovakia 1 1
3-4. Finland 1 1
5. Uzbekistan 8 3 5
6. Ukraine 2 2
7-8. Bulgaria 1 1
7-8. Azerbaijan 1 1


Informal medal total International tournament junior and girls weight-wrestling

A place country Total medals Gold Silver Bronze
1. Kyrgyzstan 17 4 5 8
2. Russia 4 4
3. Uzbekistan 2 1 1