With every passing day fewer and fewer remain before the start of the new school year for children

During the summer holidays children gain strength and get ready to plunge into the world of learning. But the pupils of the Republican center of national sports they. Basil Manchaary, besides all this, waiting for the training process and sport competitions. And in order to enhance physical fitness and sportsmanship for their summer training camps were held.

WITH 3 by 20 June, in the walls of the sports complex "Modun", educational and training activities were organized, where all were involved 54 Young athlete on the national sports.

Each day consisted of two training and each time it was not like the previous, the guys were able to develop all the muscles of the body. As weekly trips were provided in the swimming pool "Cholbon" or cross-training in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure.

«It was held for the children not only training sessions, but also cultural events and forays into nature. So, During this time, they visited the Museum of the History of Physical Culture and Sports RS(I), where a lot of guys ask questions about the champions and famous athletes, We were quite interesting and easy to understand story guide, and in general, a visit to the museum. Made a joint trip to the cinema, together with the coaches and parents attended the "Norwegian fleet", which is located near Cape Tabaga. In this hot day the children enjoyed the coolness of the forest and the wind freshness conquering heights rope park and coped with the tasks of overcoming obstacles. They surprised and pleased his agility, flexibility, speed and boldness» – shared with us the instructor-methodologist of department of preparation of sports reserve Semen Nikolaev.

With children and the work carried out at the Institute of Psychology students SFVU them. MK. Ammosova. They held them for all sorts of games, competitions and workshops on team building and cohesion. This format is for them was very helpful and in the end, all were satisfied with the results.

In the end, After final tests on physical training, It was marked by improved results in most children. And on such a positive note it was completed educational and training activities on the basis of "Modun" sports complex.

Further, with 2 by 22 July, educational and training activities were carried out on the basis of "Signalman" sports camp for young hapsagaistov.

This involved more than UTM 30 fighters from different parts of our country, and half of them were presented pupils IC "Modun".

The main purpose of this event is the training of candidates for the national team of the Republic in the upcoming VII ISG "Children of Asia", which will be held next year in Mongolia. So all the leaders, under the guidance of the senior coach of the Republic to combat hapsagay Youth Plato Savvinova and coach Vyacheslav RTSNVS Danilova, all those twenty days to train hard and improve their physical fitness. How then admitted to one of the coaches, This UTM emphasis they did it on the strength training and endurance guys.

Also, during the time of training, the boys stayed eminent master of sports Stanislav Ivanov and Nikolai Afanasyev, who held them master classes, and certainly enriched their military arsenal.

In autumn it is planned to conduct the second phase of training, where a greater slope will be placed on technical and tactical components of the methods of execution. And then, probably, It will attract more artists struggle, which will help children to learn the various skills.


Sandal Nikanorova