Visitors were delighted by what he saw

These days, in the capital of our republic g. Yakutsk, It passes the XII meeting of the Working Committee of the Association of regional administrations of the countries of Northeast Asia (ARASSVA). And as part of this event, 6 August, the first meeting of the subcommittee on sports NEAR, where the main issue is the festival of national sports among members of the regional association.

but first,, participants of the meeting, invited to visit them RTSNVS. AT. Mançaarı, where they were shown and in turn presented our traditional sports - mas-wrestling, fight hapsagay, Yakut jumps and table games. For guests demonstration held our famous athletes and masters in their sports - is Natalia Chernogradskaya, Denis Sivtsev, Alexander challah, Innocent Fedorov, Ivan Pestryakov and other. Guests listened attentively and watched for a while, capturing everything that happens in their notebooks and cameras.

Foreign delegations led by the Secretary General of NEAR Kim Ok Chae, who even volunteered to try his hand at table games. he noted, that his country has the same board games. With this statement was willing to coach our center Nadezhda Belolyubskaya, that marked, that such games at Asian nations are very similar to each other.

After the presentation of the national sports, members of the foreign delegation was followed by the first meeting of the subcommittee on sport.


Sandal Nikanorova