Hapsagaisty fly to Tuva in the sumo competitions and khuresh

In the capital of Tuva this weekend will start competition in sumo and khuresh. Athletes perform two types of struggle in the Third International honored coach of Russia memorial tournament, Honored worker and Knight of the Order of the Republic of Tyva Radislav Mongush. As competitors in Kyzyl demonstrate their skills for the first time representatives of the Yakut national struggle hapsagay.

Honor team Yakutia will protect eight famous artists, will lead a team of well-known sports commentator, organizer of the tournament, "Saha Arena" Dulustan Zakharov. In the weight category 70 kg Tuvan carpet will bright wrestler from Suntar Aisen Kilibeev, weight up 80 kg show their skills champion of the republic in wrestling and hapsagayu of Tomponsky ulus Oleg Chernov. One of the heroes of the first international tournament hapsagayu "Sakha Arena", Another representative Suntarsky District Pavel Dorofeev will fight in the category up 88 kg, in the heavyweight division to 100 kg come Namsky athletes, International Master of Sports in freestyle wrestling Kuzma Sivtsev, multiple winner of various tournaments hapsagayu Alexander Roumeen finalist Games Amga from megino-kangalassky district Paul-Batas Verkhovtsev. In the category over 100 kg will fight for the title of strongest champion of the Games Manchaary Suntar Gavril Mikhailov champion games in Amga, Evgeny Alekseev ustaldanets.

«The initiator and main sponsor of our trip to Tuva became head of the Sumo Federation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Dmitry Petrov. He has already done extensive work on the development of this sport in our republic, including this year, our team has become the owner of the command of Russia on Sumo Cup, – He told the "Sport of Yakutia" Dulustan Zakharov. – As part of our tournament fight hapsagay "Sakha Arena" We have repeatedly invited athletes from Tuva. They have proven to be excellent fighters and steel decoration competition. Now we have accepted the invitation of our friends and gladly become participants so interesting competitions sumo and national struggle Tuvinians khuresh. We hope, that this is only the first steps towards the establishment of friendly relations between our republics. During the trip we will share experiences to promote national sports, the competitions at various levels, and, if possible, hold master classes in our fight hapsagay».

Sumo competitions held 3 of August at the stadium named after the 5th anniversary of the Soviet Tuva. The next day, 4 August, held wrestling khuresh. Location: Stadium «Hooren». The main prizes for the winners of the tournament will be the car "Niva".

A source: sportyakutia.ru